Laelia Belisar

Ace pilot. Rebel. Drunk.

NAME: Laelia Belisar (formerly Jen rank)
ALIAS: Jeanne d’Meche
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
RACE: Pureblooded Garlean, attempts to pass as half-Elezen
HAIR: Platinum blonde in loose, unkempt waves
EYES: Cobalt blue
HEIGHT: 6’0”
BUILD: Lean, athletic, feminine

Some hail Hanako Omori as a literary genius; others disparage the young Au Ra reporter as the author of yet another rag. Most agree that her chronicles of an airship known as Salemtaza’s Voyage are, at best, pulp fiction.

A handful of Gridanian locals will vehemently deny such dismissal, however – especially in regards to a woman only noted in these writings as J.D.M. or, even more infrequently, Jeanne d’Meche. That her name is pure bullshit is considered a given by all of the local full-blooded elezen: after all, it translates (incorrectly, even) as “Joan Wick.” As far as anyone knows, “Jeanne” just showed up one day as a scrapper in the East Shroud, one who tempered her technological inclinations with repeated and genuine respect for the Elementals. Even more bizarrely, it worked.

Yes, the woman was doomed to stick out from the start. She’s certainly built like a Wildwood but her ears are round, suggesting a mixed parentage at best. There’s often a canis pugnax in her shadow, growing into more of a snuggly monster by the day. But it’s easiest to spot her simply by looking for the Hat. Some joke that Jeanne IS the hat, the way Odin is actually a sword. Stetsons aren’t exactly common in Eorzea but by the Twelve does she literally never leave home without it.

And with that hat comes the reputation of an unfettered spirit: a woman who loves to take risks, who loves hard drink and gambling and fast flights, who’s quick on the draw with her gun, and who won’t hesitate to step in the moment she sees a bully. There’s nothing even remotely Gridanian about her and yet she clearly loves the Shroud with all her heart.

But those from beyond the Wall may notice more…regimented habits in her than anything. And it’s entirely possible they know her by another name.

-- Jeanne/Laelia has an addictive personality. She's prone to gambling, getting drunk, or attempting any and all substances -- and it's gotten her in trouble often. Have you been in the drunk tank with her?

-- Jeanne/Laelia is actually an incredible cook. She'll proudly mention her parents own a restaurant but she's careful not to mention where it is. Want catering? You'd have to twist her arm, but she'd do it.

-- As "Jeanne", Laelia is somewhat well known around the Shroud these days. She is friends to the Sylphs and held in decent regard by the Twin Adders. Apparently she's a competent botanist and helped save a critical crop of Ghysal Greens for one of the local stables. For those with a green thumb or for those looking to befriend the Sylphs, she'd make an easy ally.

-- "Jeanne" is known to live in the East Shroud, where she salvages Garlean wrecks for scrap. She then sells these parts to a manufactory in Ishgard known as the Dufresne Bellworks, an ally of the Skysteel Manufactory. Got an engineer? She'll talk shop...but how does she know magitek to begin with?


-- In the right circumstances it's not hard to see that this woman is a trained fighter. More specifically, she's clearly got the cold, automatic training of a soldier. However, she's pretty quick to dunk on the Twin Adders. What company did she serve in, then?

-- In certain amateur deathrace circles -- particularly the Dravanian Hinterlands circuit -- Jeanne is enthusiastically known as the pilot of the infamous "One-Winged Morbol", whose four-person crew ushered it to victory last year. Needless to say, if you feel like doing something similarly reckless and stupid she'll happily join you.

-- Jeanne/Laelia is inseparable from a pair of amulets around her neck. Those with the proper knowledge would recognize them as Gelmorran. As "Jeanne" she's quick to claim that she has a Duskwight parent and that's who they belong to...but prodding might reveal she has an above-average knowledge of the Void.

-- Laelia formerly served as a pilot in the III Airborne Squadron of the XIIth Legion in Gyr Abania. She later joined the Populares and then deserted after her squad was decimated at Specula Imperatoris. Because she is a deserter hiding in hostile territory, Laelia is absolutely NOT OPEN about being Garlean (although she's terrible at hiding it). If you are a fellow Garlean, former Imperial, or wish to approach her as Laelia and not Jeanne, please contact me so we can work something out.

The best way to get Laelia to open up about her true identity and her past is to befriend her via one of the above methods, earn her trust, and allow it to come out organically!


-- Friendships, rivalries, former acquaintances, partners, co-workers, enemies, employers, you name it! (I'm willing to RP antagonistic relationships with Imperial loyalists, but let's carefully talk that one out first!)

-- All kinds of RP: casual and slice of life, serious and episodic, fluffy and happy, dark and mature, controversial themes, etc. DM'd adventures a serious plus!

-- Players who love and respect the lore, and adhere to the spirit of it. (I'm semi-flexible with the "letter of the law" so to speak. See below.)

-- Mature individuals who are +18, who know and abide by the golden rules of RP, who communicate frequently, and who can separate IC from OOC. Yes, I'm playing a former imperial. Yes, she still struggles to shed her indoctrination. No, that does NOT mean I support imperialism.

-- Communicators.

-- Did I mention good communicators?

-- No seriously just talk to me, I don't bite.


-- Romance. Laelia is currently with someone.

-- Former squadmates. III Squad is a collaborative effort between myself and several other players who also play survivors. We'd have to get to know you first.

-- Dark themes are ok. Depending on how well I know you we could go as far as stuff like torture, etc. But I will never allow death or dismemberment. Again, if you'd like to go this route let's talk it out first.

-- Lorebending is cool. If you can justify it with grace, I'm on board. If you're a vampire/voidsent/dragon/magitek experiment/Warrior of Light/Ascian/native of the First/miniature giant space hamster/etc just for the sake of being one...I don't think we're a good fit for each other.